seattle headshots photography

The common thread with all Nataworry clients is that comfort and convenience are king.

If you’re like most people, you might almost prefer going to the dentist versus having your headshot taken. For that very reason it’s important to me that you experience a comfortable, fun session that just so happens to result in a stellar, flattering headshot. Part of why I love this work so much is because I can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone and I genuinely enjoy meeting people. I know that being photographed close-up can be intimidating and stressful. When it was my turn to be photographed professionally for my headshots I wasn’t excited at the prospect but I knew it was something that really needed to be done. To that end, having pleased many clients over the years with my approach has given me great satisfaction and it’s something I’m proud of.

In terms of convenience, I very happily set up shop in my clients’ offices and photograph multiple people in a single day. The more the merrier!

At the end of the day you can expect a quick turnaround of high quality digital images. The look will be crisp and clean and gently retouched with a discerning eye. You’re invited to see what Nataworry clients have generously posted on YELP! and LinkedIn. Here’s one testimonial that warms my heart:

Like many, my husband doesn’t care much for photos of himself but as a writer is often in need of headshots. He chose Renata due to the quality of images on her website and her taste in music and she turned out to be absolutely fantastic. Her eye is sharp, her taste level high and she knows how to make you feel very comfortable–it was like hanging out with a very cool friend. The experience was without awkwardness or excessive self-consciousness. It was just a one on one situation, but we fully intend to work with her again for more professional photos as well as a family portrait or two. Highly recommended.

$250 15 minute session, 1 retouched photo.
$400 30 minute session, 3 retouched photos.
Half and full day rates available upon request for multiple people photographed in the same location, same day, same set-up.
WA state sales tax and $25 travel fee additional for locations in/around downtown Seattle.

Aside from the various styles shown on this site, the location (indoors, outdoors, or at your office) is up to you. A solid gray or white backdrop is the standard for Nataworry indoor studio headshots. White is a great option when you want consistency and plan to hire Nataworry to come to your office to photograph many employees over time (months, even years).

Unless your name is Cindy Crawford I believe we can all use a little bit of love when it comes to close-ups! Underneath each photo, move the slider left and right and right to left to see subtle retouching that comes standard with all Nataworry headshots.

Keep it clean
A lint roller is your best friend. Tape is a decent alternative in a pinch when removing unwanted lint, dander, and pet hair from your clothing.

Ironing is king
Bring your clothing on a hanger instead of wearing it so that it can remain as pristine as possible.

Hair raising
If your hair has a mind of its own, and you typically use a styling product, bring the product along with a brush or comb.

Shiny skin
Oil absorbing sheets produced by Clean and Clear are incredibly effective! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up a pack of these to have them on hand for your session.

Patterned dress shirts
Cameras sometimes react strangely to fine lines/patterns and create a moire pattern. Better to play it safe and wear a solid color shirt with no patterns, i.e., no lines, texture, etc.

Black and white
Jet black or stark white doesn’t photograph especially well.

The skin-ny
Low-cut (revealing), and high-neck tops generally aren’t flattering.

Options = happiness
Bring at least 1 extra shirt/top with you in case one color or style photographs better than the other. Not to mention stains and wrinkles are no fun and can spoil things when you least expect it.

Beware of bling
Jewelry can be distracting, hang crookedly, etc. Honestly, you’re better off not wearing jewelry as the focus should be on you, not your accessories.