I have been photographing portraits of the kids in this family of 5 (6 if you count their lovely pooch) since there was only 1 child. As of last year, I have had the great pleasure of photographing all 3 siblings either in Seattle, WA, Portland or Hood River, OR. This time it was extra special because we snuck in the parents for a quickie family portrait that I love because everyone is seated on the steps of an Arizona ranch house that the siblings’ grandfather grew up in.








dad-holding-young-sonbaby-boy-on-kitchen-counter3 young siblings hugging


What a joy it was to be back in Sydney, Australia 15 years after my first visit to the land of Oz. Much was the way I remembered it (very warm/friendly locals, delicious food, inspiring fashion) and at the same time it was so new to me because the city has grown quite a bit. Although the visit was brief, I packed in a delicious amount of goodness. A major highlight was going to the Semi Permanent conference (and staying at the nearby Old Clare Hotel) which, in short, is days of creative inspiration thanks to highly accomplished creative professionals sharing their wisdom and their work with the masses. I’m very proud of my husband for being invited to speak at this thought provoking, informative, fun event. And it was such a treat meeting so many talented people including super prolific artist Gary Baseman who signed and drew an illustration in a book for us. Score! A close second, as far as highlights go, was Vivid Sydney, a 23-day festival of light, music and ideas. While I didn’t get to experience much of Vivid, I had a super time watching the famed Sydney opera house, and other notable Sydney buildings, awash with fun, creative projections once the sun set. I hope you enjoy a handful of photos that show what I was up to and what caught my eye.

Vivid Sydney 2016 Cathedral of Light at Royal Botanic Garden

Vivid Sydney Cathedral of Light at Royal Botanic Garden


Sydney Opera House restaurant interior

Sydney Opera House restaurant interior taken from the outside hence a bit of reflection on the glass.


Maroubra beach surfers Sydney Australia

Maroubra beach surfers


Blonde woman jumping on Maroubra beach Sydney

Photo credit goes to my dear hubs who humored my wish to nab a silly photo on Maroubra beach.


Vivid Sydney 2016 Central Park dancing

Vivid Sydney outdoor exhibit where people wore headphones and danced to music vs. blasting the music out loud.


Vivid Sydney 2016 Customs House lit up

Vivid Sydney Customs House all lit up – it’s huge!


Stage for Semi Permanent conference in Sydney

Stage for the Semi Permanent conference


Audience at Semi Permanent conference in Sydney

Full house at the Semi Permanent conference – a must do!


Artist Gary Baseman at Semi Permanent Sydney 2016 conference

Artist Gary Baseman signing a book for us!


Aerial of escalators at Central Park Mall Sydney

Central Park Mall escalators are beautiful.


Central Park Mall Sydney architecture

Central Park Mall


Sydney architecture refelctions

I have a thing for reflections on buildings.


Bondi Icebergs Club Sydney Australia

Bondi Icebergs Club


Woman in black bikini at Bondi Icebergs pool

My favorite photo from the entire time in Sydney. A gorgeous woman emerging from the Bondi Beach Icebergs pool.


ibis bird eating trash at Sydney Fish Market

I saw countless Ibises in Sydney.


Escalators in Queen Victoria Building QVB Shopping Centre

Which people are reflections and which aren’t? Look closely!

leather art installation of a tank

Huge leather sculpture of a military tank at White Rabbit gallery in Chippendale.


Old Clare Hotel Sydney architecture

Interior of the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale. LOVE!

Vivid Sydney 2016 harbor lit upVivid Sydney 2016 Harbour BridgeVivid Sydney 2016 Opera House lit upVivid Sydney 2016 Opera House lit up
Australian men playing soccer in Sydney
Chinatown Sydney alley artRaw seafood Sydney fish marketfallen motorcycle Sydney AustraliaChippendale Sydney graffittiChippendale Sydney architecture


Swoon. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of watching Grant Lee Phillips perform his beautiful music. Thanks to my husband enlightening me as to the existence of Grant Lee Phillips, I have been a fan of his for the past 17 years and will without a shadow of a doubt be a fan for life. Every time Grant Lee performs in Seattle my husband and I make sure to go see him. I can’t recall a single time when he hasn’t spent time with the audience post-show to sign autographs and chat. When I got wind that Grant Lee was slated to perform at KEXP I couldn’t type fast enough when requesting the opportunity to photograph him since I’m one of several photographers who photograph musicians who perform at the best radio station on the planet, in my humble opinion.

The drill… Every time I photograph musicians at KEXP I’m responsible for asking them to spend a few moments with me for a speedy portrait session. I have shot portraits in as little as 36 seconds but most times I spend about 5 minutes, at best, with some of the most talented musicians out there. Grant Lee being no exception, to say the least, as far as talent goes. While we were having our mini portrait session I told Grant how long I’ve been a fan and how he’s like a “beautiful little songbird”. To my surprise he blushed and I’m tickled to have captured that moment in time to reveal a side of Grant Lee that many people may not know about. He is an absolute treasure.

Grant Lee Phillips guitar caseGrant Lee Phillips singing

Grant Lee Phillips serenading KEXP staff

Grant Lee Phillips serenading KEXP staff

Blushing Grant Lee Phillips

Blushing Grant Lee Phillips part 1

Blushing Grant Lee Phillips

Blushing Grant Lee Phillips part 2

Portrait of Grant Lee Phillips

Renata Steiner and Grant Lee Phillips at KEXP

Yours truly with Grant Lee