Faithful Nataworry followers know I regularly photograph musicians, business professionals, families and events. So today’s unveiling of an apparel photo shoot may come as a surprise. I had a most excellent time working with the creator of Lusty Letter, as well as our gorgeous model, Mariko Wolf. We were pretty stoked at what we came up with simply by working in a parking lot with natural light.

I wanted you to see the images used in the context of as I love how clean the site design is which I think showcases the images beautifully.

Lusty Letter Home page featuring apparelLusty Letter home page

Lusty Letter Apparel close up

In the spirit of supporting fellow small business owners, I asked the creator of Lusty Letter to share a bit about this unique venture. Read on!

I started Lusty Letter to give the Mischievous Ones (you know who you are) the goods to give their love (or themselves) the biggest, naughtiest surprise in the Northern Hemisphere. So the Lusty Letter tank is a natural extension of my mission — I want to make people laugh and get them laid. Yet my passion extends beyond lust and into justice. The more people vote (especially women), the better democracy works for everyone. If we can get as many people voting as we can get bangin’, then the world will be a better place.

You can buy the Voting is Sexy tank at and on my Etsy shop. Currently we have tanks, but if we get enough demand for classic T’s, we’ll add those as well. I’m also planning a shirt for the dudes — stay tuned!

To know 90.3 is to love listener supported radio. Aside from the obvious benefits of not having your ears assaulted by annoying, incessant ads, you might not know that an edict of the station is to play at least one song by a local artist, hourly. That is HUGE for musicians trying to get their sound out to the masses. And it’s just one piece of the awesome puzzle that is KEXP and the community that it continues to build. The new KEXP home even has a sexy public gathering space replete with a La Marzocco cafe and giant glass garage doors that, when open, will allow sunshine and fresh air to complete an already cool space.

Speaking of local music, Grace Love and the True Loves recently played a live in-studio set that I highly recommend watching here. They’re local, they’re talented, they’re snappy dressers, and they were up for anything during our 5-minute portrait-specific photoshoot after they played live on air and I’m pretty tickled with the results. The icing on the cake is that one of my portraits from that quickie session is front and center on their band web site home page. YAYYYYY!!!! The whole set of images, including photos of the band playing their instruments, can be found on KEXP’s Flickr site and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

portrait of Grace Love and the true loves

Scott Morning trumpeterJimmy James guitaristGreg Kramer trombonistIvan Galvez percussionistGordon Brown saxophonistGrace Love and the True LovesDavid McGraw drummerBryant Moore bassistAnthony Warner keyboardist


There’s nothing like avoiding a list of to dos that I’m not especially excited to do so what’s a girl to do, really? Google herself! We all spend more time than we might like to admit Googling other people and businesses. As a small business owner, it’s probably a good idea to Google yourself, or in my case “Nataworry Photography portraits” to be specific, to see what images turned up. Well, I did just that and was thrown down memory lane as a result. So many great photoshoots with families and business portrait clients, and wonderfully memorable experiences meeting and photographing crazy talented musicians performing at the ever awesome 90.3 CHALLENGE THROW DOWN ALERT! Google yourself! What do you have to lose?

Google Nataworry Photography portraits