Piecora’s NY Pizza Seattle, WA Closing After 32 Years In Business

I am an a-one lameo. It’s true. I lived on the North end of Capitol Hill (the hill) Seattle, WA for 6 years from 2000 – 2006. Somehow I didn’t notice or know about Piecora’s NY Pizza much less understand what an institution it is on the hill. Just over a month ago I photographed Tim Dijulio of Piecora’s because Eater.com was writing a story about him. Why him? Because he’s worked there for many years and is considered a lifer. I arrived at Piecora’s at about 11:30 a.m. and Tim was already buzzing around from counter to table like a bee pollinating flowers. He was barely in any given spot for more than a handful of seconds or a minute at a time. While he rushed around and was clearly busy he didn’t come across as behaving frantically. When he’d get to a table to take care of patrons he was Mr. Cool. The picture of calm and a welcoming face at that. People were already starting to come in for lunch and Tim didn’t exactly have the luxury of setting aside time for portraits so what did we do? I took photos of him from afar as he worked and then when I wanted to get a “face the camera” shot I asked him to join me at a certain spot when he had a second and then CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! I’d fire off a few frames in literally a few seconds. Then off he’d go to answer the phone (which seemed to ring off the hook) or bring people food. We did that a few times and before you know it it was time for me to leave him to his work.

Today Piecora’s is closing its doors and while I’ve never event eaten there I’m somehow sad about it. Probably partly because it’s my own fault for not taking the time to see what all the fuss is about in terms of sitting down for a meal. And partly because I have to wonder what the long time employees at Piecora’s will do for work now that Piecora’s will be no more. If someone has worked at a small business for as long as Tim has you have to assume that it’s a pretty sweet gig and I’d like to think the Piecora’s crew has become quite a tight family.

Enough about me and my lame-o self. Here are some shots from the fast but mighty session. Bon appetit.

Artistic chalk sign at Piecoras NY PizzaPhoto from the poster hallway at Piecoras NY PizzaTim Dijulio of PiecoraWide photo of people working behind the counter at PiecoraTim Dijulio of Piecoras NY Pizza standing in the doorwayTim Dijulio of PiecoraTim Dijulio reading a phone order at PiecoraTim Dijulio of PiecoraTip jar at Piecora


New headshots and professional portraits added to the Nataworry portfolio family

A lot of people cringe at having their headshots taken and I honestly LOVE photographing headshots in my home studio as well as at clients’ place of business. Why do I love it?  I can’t even count how many clients leave their photo session telling me they had fun or how it wasn’t bad at all. Then when they see the photos they share with me how happy they are with how they look. Of course that’s what I’m here for and why people hire me to photograph them but it’s always nice to hear! I just added a bunch of this type of work to the Nataworry portfolio. Check out the latest additions by simply scrolling through this blog post. And if you’re sorely in need of a new or your first professional headshot ever what are you waiting for? Be in touch! Click on “Contact” on nataworry.com and let’s schedule your session. You may be surprised at how much fun you can have being photographed.

Portrait of Ben Capdevielle of Captive SpiritsHeadshot of an elegant female financial plannerPortrait of chef Maria Hines at her restaurant AgrodolcePortrait of a professional male with the Seattle Space Needle in the backgroundSide by side headshots of a salt and pepper haired female fiction authorHeadshot of a blonde female fiction authorBlack and white headshot of a Seattle area male opera singerHeadshot of a young blonde theater actress