When you meet and photograph a couple and wish they didn’t live out of state so you could hang out and become friends you know it was a good wedding. In Simon and Leslie’s case it was a stellar elopement to be exact. Just the two of them, an officiant, yours truly and another woman as witnesses, her grandfather in spirit via a locket held by Leslie and nothing but a bunch of treehouses at Treehouse Point in Issaquah, WA. It was a wet day to begin with but that didn’t sour these two lovelies who are hands down some of  the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Nice, fun, cute, silly, super pleasant, very kind, you get the idea. The elopement was a secret and planned from afar in Fargo, North Dakota. The electricity between Simon and Leslie was so crazy infectious it made me want to go home and hug my husband. Rain made for some tricky photo opportunities at the start but when it came time for their ceremony the skies were dry but I can’t say the same for my eyes. Monster hug goes out to Simon and Leslie. They rock.

Hair and Makeup: Hannah Bush of Urbanista Weddings
Flowers: Pike Place Market

Wedding chalkboard welcome sign

Treehouse Point signsTreehouse Point rain catcherWedding rings on a pine coneGroom bow tie reflection in vintage mirrorblack and white portrait of a young groomBlack and white bow tie worn by groomgroom walking on treehouse bridgebride getting her hair curledbride laughing getting hair donebride smiling into mirrorbride reflection in vintage full length mirrorbride portraitlocket held by a bridenina brand bride shoesbride and groom standing on a treehouse bridgebride and groom portrait in lush green forestbride and groom portrait in lush green forestbride and groom at Treehouse point kissingbride and groom kissing on a Treehouse Point suspended bridgebridal bouquet resting on a suspended ridgeportrait from behind of a bride holding flowersbride and groom elopement ceremonybride and groom ceremony kissbride and groom ceremony kiss embracebride and groom holding elopement sign at Treehouse Pointbride and groom roshambo on a bedbride and groom roshambo on a bedbride and groom roshambo on a bedbride and groom peeking out of a window at Treehouse Pointbride and groom cuddling in a treehousebride and groom cuddling at Treehouse Point

  • Annie Campos - I love all the photos, especially the flowers on the rope bridge! I wish I could take you back in time to be my wedding photog :)

Whoa, whoa, and whoa. Did I say whoa? Fitz and the Tantrums are awesome. I double dog dare you to not shake it when listening to their music. It’s impossible to not dance or sing along (loudly) when you hear their songs. I was lucky enough to meet and photograph them when they performed live at 90.3 KEXP.org in May of 2013. I highly suggest clicking here to see and hear them play and be interviewed.

When I meet bands at the radio station it’s my responsibility to introduce myself and ask if they wouldn’t mind being photographed for just a handful of minutes after they perform live on air. I’m pretty sure I remember Fitz being a bit tired from touring or suffering from some sort of minor bug nevertheless he, and the rest of the band, couldn’t have been nicer to me and followed me out the door and into the alley behind the station. I have been photographing bands for KEXP going on 4 years now and with every shoot I truly try to make unique photos. 99% of the time I have anywhere from 60 seconds to maybe 5 minutes to photograph them from the first to the last shutter click on my camera. I had seen a great jumping photo of them but had a different jumping idea in mind. I really wanted some sort of movement involved because of the way they make me feel when I listen to their music. Luckily they were totally down with the idea and what you see below is most recently being displayed, to my utter delight, on the band’s home page.

In just 2 weeks from today my bones are going to be dancing the night away at their Seattle concert and I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Fitz and the Tantrums site home page using a Nataworry photo


I am an a-one lameo. It’s true. I lived on the North end of Capitol Hill (the hill) Seattle, WA for 6 years from 2000 – 2006. Somehow I didn’t notice or know about Piecora’s NY Pizza much less understand what an institution it is on the hill. Just over a month ago I photographed Tim Dijulio of Piecora’s because Eater.com was writing a story about him. Why him? Because he’s worked there for many years and is considered a lifer. I arrived at Piecora’s at about 11:30 a.m. and Tim was already buzzing around from counter to table like a bee pollinating flowers. He was barely in any given spot for more than a handful of seconds or a minute at a time. While he rushed around and was clearly busy he didn’t come across as behaving frantically. When he’d get to a table to take care of patrons he was Mr. Cool. The picture of calm and a welcoming face at that. People were already starting to come in for lunch and Tim didn’t exactly have the luxury of setting aside time for portraits so what did we do? I took photos of him from afar as he worked and then when I wanted to get a “face the camera” shot I asked him to join me at a certain spot when he had a second and then CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! I’d fire off a few frames in literally a few seconds. Then off he’d go to answer the phone (which seemed to ring off the hook) or bring people food. We did that a few times and before you know it it was time for me to leave him to his work.

Today Piecora’s is closing its doors and while I’ve never event eaten there I’m somehow sad about it. Probably partly because it’s my own fault for not taking the time to see what all the fuss is about in terms of sitting down for a meal. And partly because I have to wonder what the long time employees at Piecora’s will do for work now that Piecora’s will be no more. If someone has worked at a small business for as long as Tim has you have to assume that it’s a pretty sweet gig and I’d like to think the Piecora’s crew has become quite a tight family.

Enough about me and my lame-o self. Here are some shots from the fast but mighty session. Bon appetit.

Artistic chalk sign at Piecoras NY PizzaPhoto from the poster hallway at Piecoras NY PizzaTim Dijulio of PiecoraWide photo of people working behind the counter at PiecoraTim Dijulio of Piecoras NY Pizza standing in the doorwayTim Dijulio of PiecoraTim Dijulio reading a phone order at PiecoraTim Dijulio of PiecoraTip jar at Piecora