This tops all of the weddings I’ve ever photographed in terms of uniqueness and adventure. I met the couple and their wedding guests at the couple’s floating home on Seattle’s Lake Union and we took some fun portraits at Gasworks Park while we dodged raindrops. As luck would have it the skies opened up and we enjoyed a beautifully sunny boat ride around Lake Union as we made our way to the surprise wedding location. A pilot, caterer and myself joined this couple along with their 3 kids, 2 friends and a sister in a Kenmore Air seaplane that took us to a Pacific Northwest uninhabited island. The couple kept the family and friends in the dark such that they had no idea where the wedding was to take place and their expressions were pretty priceless when they learned they’d be climbing into a ?10? seat seaplane that would fly them directly above downtown Seattle and over to an island that would be all ours for the afternoon. The pilot dropped us off and flew away leaving us alone on the island for a few hours to enjoy a gourmet picnic catered by Northwest Floatplane Picnics and to witness a wedding. This couple is anything but conventional and thought it would be fun for everyone to wear silly hats which gave everyone a laugh. We went back to the rooftop of the couple’s home and watched a colorful sunset as they cut their cake as husband and wife. It was truly lovely and a celebration I will never forget. These photos represent their day as shown in the album that I designed for them.

Wedding Couple Home Doormat

Wedding couple fake engagement ring

wedding couple snuggling Gasworks Park Seattle

Wedding Party Gasworks Park

silly wedding party pose Gasworks Park

Kenmore Air Seaplane wedding

Kenmore Air Seaplane wedding

Kenmore Air Seaplane wedding Seattle Aerial PhotoKenmore Air Seaplane wedding bride deplaningKenmore Air Seaplane wedding bride groom deplaning smilingSeaplane wedding uninhabited islandsilly wedding on uninhabited islandSeaplane wedding kiss uninhabited islandpost island wedding ceremony family hugwedding couple toasting and hugginguninhabited island bride groom wedding portrait

campfire at uninhabited island weddingsilly wedding cake topper groom pulling bride leg

bride and groom play fighting cutting wedding cake




WHAT a great time I had during a recent all day photo shoot taking pictures of super fun and beautiful merchandise from downtown Seattle retailer Watson Kennedy. Wares that are being sold (and nearly sold out!) for a steal on One Kings Lane. Check me out behind the scenes as well as the final results displayed online. Yep, that’s right. Nataworry’s not all about photographing people. I love a good product photography shoot! And if you haven’t ever visited Watson Kennedy’s downtown Seattle store you are missing out big time. It’s a feast for the senses and an ideal place to find the perfect gift or lovely treasures for your home.

Watson Kennedy product photoshoot by Nataworry Photography


I had so much fun photographing Ted’s portrait in preparation for this sale.

One Kings Lane Watson Kennedy Sale

One Kings Lane Watson Kennedy Sale


“Juuuuust the two of us…” is the song that comes to mind as I prepare this post. I wanted to highlight a handful of 2014 wedding portraits that I created of brides and grooms that I personally love for many reasons. Most importantly I love the humor, tenderness and joy that was felt and can be seen when looking at these images. Being a wedding photographer is not for the faint of heart. It takes years of studying, training, practice and stamina, amongst other things, to make it in this business. One major reason why I continue to photograph weddings is because moments like these happen before my very eyes time and time again. I get to witness and be a part of people vowing to be together for the rest of their days and it simply doesn’t get old. I am so grateful to everyone you see here who trusted me to photograph an incredibly special moment in time for them. Big phat congratulations to all of them!