Seattle Family Portrait Photographer – Dogs Are Family Too

This session was all about Shep. At his recent vet visit Shep got a not so hot health assessment to say the least. He is a lovalbe, cuddly, sweet 12 year old little furball and either his time will be very limited or he will have a bit of a fight ahead of him to stay around for a while. This is the second time I’ve photographed dogs with their owners when they’ve received this type of news. They wanted to capture a happy time with their family member before it’s too late quite frankly. To do this type of photography is an absolute privilege. Before Shep’s mom even saw the photos she texted me, “Thank you… Thank you for doing this for us. We will treasure these pics. It must feel so good to make people happy for a living.” I struggled with sharing this private text because well, it was private. Until now. I wanted to share it because time is fleeting and being a dog lover myself I think these types of photos are immensely important to take and to have. This simple text message really struck home and I wanted to make sure to take note of it so that when I experience challenging days as being a one man show business owner I can re-read it as a pick me up. After I shared the photos with the owners Shep’s mom wrote to me, “I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face. We love them. Thank you so much for giving us these wonderful photos to keep forever.” This gives me chills as I re-read it. It warms my heart and tears me apart at the same time. Hug the ones you’re with.

dog licking owner facecouple walking through the park with their dogprofile of a furry black and tan dogclose up of a couple with their dogcouple laughing with dog licking themaerial view of dog smilingdog smiling at camera with owners overheadcouple cuddling with their dog at their feetclose up portrait of a fluffy black and tan dogPortrait of a fluffy black and tan dogDog smiling at its ownersCouple with their dog


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