Museums Display Printed Photos So Why Aren’t You Printing Yours?

When is the last time you walked the halls of a photo exhibit in a museum and marveled at photos presented to you on digital displays? Chances are the answer is never. There’s a reason for that. It’s no secret that we’re living in a digital world. Many of us have grown accustomed to looking at our photos on digital displays such as a phone, TV or computer. Displays that can and do look very different from one another. I’m willing to bet there’s been at least one time where you’ve walked among a plethora of large display TVs in a retail store and you observed a noticeable difference in quality from TV to TV. Some displays look plain awful whereas others seem worth their price tag because the stunning image quality stops you in your tracks and enhances your viewing experience. (Check out a recent blog post about this very topic. If you’re taken aback by it, great! That was my intention in order to bring awareness about a topic that I’m passionate about.) The same can be said for printed photos. If you were to look at a single professionally (the word “professionally” is key but that’s a whole other ball of wax) printed photo alongside that same image displayed on a screen I seriously question that you would find more pleasure in looking at the digital form.

Which brings me to photo albums. To physically flip through an album full of beautifully printed memories hands down beats looking at the images on a digital display. Nataworry produces custom photographic albums. That means the images are printed onto real photo paper as opposed to being digitally press printed. Digitally press printed images are what you will find in an average coffee table book. These photographic albums are anything but average. What you’ll see in the pages of an album is what the photos are meant to look like. Plus the experience of touching and looking at printed photos is far more enjoyable than viewing them digitally.

With that, check out my super fancy (insert nervous cough here _______ ) brief video that I created to walk you through what a Nataworry custom luxurious leather photographic album looks like. Once you’ve mentally noted that my video will not be up for an Academy Award in this lifetime you’re welcome to check out the different cover colors and read about sizes, pricing and ordering information here

Have a great one!



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