Maternity Goodness – Cindy and Daniel

I don’t know WHAT is going on but I’m getting gorgeous clients after gorgeous clients these days. Scroll down in a sec and you’ll see what I mean. Cindy and Daniel were referred to me by Daniel’s sister Maria whose family I’ve photographed in the past. Say it loud, say it proud, “I love me sum referrals!” Maria warned me that Cindy is rather stunning. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Cindy was about to give birth to Maria’s niece so of course there was bound to be some bias there I thought. Maria wasn’t biased, she was simply stating the truth. Good grief. Who the heck looks THIS good when you’re 1 week away from giving birth to a human being!? Short answer – Cindy. Of course I had to apologize to Daniel at the end of the session for calling him a cutie multiple times over but if the adjective fits… With partially or fully nude maternity sessions I always share with clients that I don’t publish a single image from our session without their express written approval. I’m always tickled when they allow me to share images that make me proud and excited to photograph expectant couples. I’m happy to report Cindy and Daniel gave birth to a little girl whom I’ll meet tomorrow for her newborn session! More pics to come.

Pregnant Woman 1

Pregnant Woman 2

Pregnant Woman 3

Pregnant Woman 4

Pregnant Woman 5

Pregnant Woman 6

Pregnant Woman 7

Pregnant Woman8

Pregnant Woman 9

Pregnant Woman 9b

Pregnant Woman 9a

Pregnant Woman and Partner


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