Baby Zoe Portrait Session

Baby Zoe is simply a knockout. Just take a look at her eyes for Pete’s sake! Little cutie wasn’t the most jovial girl that day but that just meant we ended up with some preciously serene and perhaps a tad serious images where she challenged my camera to a staring contest. She is of course the pride and joy of her first-time parents and I hope to have the opportunity to photograph her beautiful self some time in the future.

Baby Zoe staring at the camera

Mom and dad with their baby girl Zoe

Baby girl Zoe

Baby girl Zoe with her parents

Baby girl Zoe black and white legs and feet

Baby girl Zoe black and white serious

Smiling baby girl Zoe in a basket

  • Van - Zoe, your daddy loves ‘ya! Too bad you won’t be able to read this for, oh say 4 years or so 🙂

    Nata, you rock!!!

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