Well hello there. My given name is Renata and I often introduce myself as Nata.

Creating portraits and documenting events for private and commercial clients makes me happy. Kind words from past clients can be found on LinkedIn. Photos I’ve created have graced major recording artists’ web sites, been published in Rolling Stone (online), local Seattle magazines, and even the Sydney Morning Herald of all things.

I happily donate time by working hard to produce compelling portraits of world renowned musicians who grace the halls of Seattle’s incomparable, listener supported radio station, 90.3 KEXP.org. I’m known for efficiently (on average in 5 minutes or less which is a bit nuts when you think about it) creating images where the musicians look like their best and/or most interesting selves, and making sure everyone involved is having a great time.

Life in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our dog Griffin is pretty great. Two random facts about me are that I’m quick with witty comebacks which I 100% attribute to my stellar, dearly departed dad, and my all time favorite band is Pixies.