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A bit about yours truly as far as trusting me to be your photographer.

If you’re camera shy/averse but need to be professionally photographed, I’m your girl. One time, a new client of mine walked into a headshot session, and before she could even say hello she blurted out, “I hate being photographed.” Thirty minutes later she hugged me in thanks. I live in Seattle and call it home, however, I like to think the Midwest-born-and-raised side of me puts people at ease in front of my camera. Since 2010 I’ve been photographing musicians (often times world renowned) for Seattle’s 90.3 KEXP.org radio station. A big reason why the station trusts putting me in front of so many accomplished artists is because I can talk to pretty much anybody and I have a reputation for coming up with creative, compelling portraits in as little as 60 seconds. I’ve been making photographs professionally for over 10 years now and I can’t fathom ever doing anything but this. A client, who is also a friend, once said to me, “It must feel good making people happy for a living.” Truer words have never been spoken. I work hard to create photos where people look like their best, authentic selves, and it’s immensely important that they enjoy the experience. More often than not when I’m photographing weddings at least one parent of the newlywed couple approaches me to tell me what a great job I’m doing when they haven’t seen a single frame. I take great pride in that, not gonna lie.

On a more personal note get ready for a grammatically incorrect run-on sentence: I’m married to a man who still curls my toes 17+ years after the day we met, I’m no stranger to sarcasm, I love my dog beyond words, I never met a pretty plate of food I didn’t Instagram @nataworry, I can participate in conversations in English, German, French and Lithuanian, my favorite band is Pixies and I’ve photographed members of Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and R.E.M., I am not afraid to hug strangers, and most importantly I treasure my parents and the wonderful life they’ve given me and my 2 older brothers.

It would be my pleasure to connect with you via the Contact form found at the top of this site. In the meantime, here are some kind words from past clients.
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