I love my given name Renata and also happily introduce myself as Nata, so take your pick! When my friends and I produced and starred in portrait photoshoots as twelve-year-olds never did I imagine earning a living as a professional portrait photographer. These days when I’m not photographing headshots and portraits of my clients, I’m known for donating my time and creating compelling portraits of world renowned musicians who grace the halls of Seattle’s incomparable, listener supported radio station, 90.3 KEXP.org. No matter who is in front of my camera, I work hard to create images wherein people look like their best, authentic selves, all the while making sure everyone involved is having a great time.

My photos have graced major recording artists’ web sites, been published in Rolling Stone (online), local Seattle magazines, even the Sydney Morning Herald of all things, and will soon be on giant display as a billboard in Seattle which is super fun and exciting!

I love my husband, my dog, my life in general, and thoroughly enjoy catching people off guard with my sarcastic quick wit which I 100% attribute to my stellar, dearly departed dad. Random fact: my all time favorite band is Pixies.

While my main focus is on both private and commercial portraits, I also get great pleasure out of documenting events, which I do often. Kind words from past clients can be found on Yelp.com.